Formats and Fonts for Business Letters

Posted by on Feb 28, 2018 in Business |

Want your business letters to be taken seriously? Do it on your end first. If you are serious about it, there is a good chance those receiving your letters will reciprocate.

Apart from carefully writing your letters and using good grammar software for correctness, it is a good idea to follow standard business formats and fonts to keep it as professional as possible. If you are not familiar with standard business layouts, the following should serve as a good guide to follow.check my reference .


Different organizations will use their own preferred formats. The following are the most common ones employed.

Block Format. In this format, the whole letter is left-justified, with single space lines. Use a double space only between paragraphs.

Modified Block Format. Like the block format, text is left-justified and single-spaced. Letter date and closing, however, are set in the center.

Semi-Block Format. This one is presented in much the same way as the modified block, except the paragraphs are indented, instead of left-justified.


For fonts, the most important thing is readability. Using one of the common types (Times New Roman, Arial, and Tahoma) with a size of 11 or 12 is usually enough. If it is a conservative company you are writing to, stick to Times New Roman.